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Most Commonly Asked Questions

What puppies are available?

The best way to find this out is go to our Puppies page.

What are your bloodlines?

We have a variety of bloodlines from when we first started raising pitbulls 9 years ago; Watchdog, CJ’s, Greyfox, and Razor's Edge. But through the years we have developed our own distinct blood line, known as the Hippo Line.

What is the temperament of your pitbulls?

At Blue Bull Kennels we strive to produce a 100% non aggressive pitbulls. Our goal is to produce pitbulls with temperaments for families as house hold pets.

What is the price range of your pitbull puppies?

Our price ranges from $500 up to $2000, depending on parents, size, and color.

Are your pitbull puppies registered?

All puppies are UKC and ADBA registered

Do you ship?

Yes we use Delta Cargo airlines and can ship anywhere in the United States.

What dog food do you feed your dogs?

At Blue Bull Kennels we feed our dogs Exceed from Sam’s club.

Do you give your dogs any vitamins?

Yes we give are dogs Nuvet.

How do you accept payments?

Cash, certified bank check or Western Union

When will your pitbull puppies be available?

The puppies are available after they are 8 weeks old and have their health certificate

How much are deposits?

Deposits are $300, buyers must comply with due dates arranged.